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That 27th of July was a lonesome midsummer evening in 1960 and I could not stay at home. It was my first day at work as a mechanic in a viennese factory and I disliked the job, because I wanted to study astronomy and physics. The last thing I was craving for, was to become a working man, unable to escape a proletarian life. So I let my feet carry me downtown to get me some entertainment in order to forget about my upcoming future....and they led me to a destination, where I made a fateful do or die decision, that changed my dreams and attidudes for the rest of my life. I became a musician and had not even touched an instrument.
Dropping in a local cinema, I happened to see Elvis Presley starring in "Loving You", a Rock'n'Roll musical from 1957....and that was it! Just shake your feet, gyrate your hips, bang a few chords, look brooding and you make it. But that turned out to be nothing but a ridiculous daydream of a terribly naive 15 year old teenager, that’s got a lot of livin' to do.

At that time, Elvis was already back from the US Army and the taste of popular music changed drastically. Clean-cut highschool-bobbies dominated the scene and Elvis followed, but I did not give a damn about all that upcoming sixties stuff, planning to become a Rock'n Roll star.
From the beginning, I decided to compose my own material and started writing Rock and Roll songs, in order to mail it to my idol, but was quickly discouraged by reality, because nobody would listen to a foolish teenage boy in those days.
After I realized, that there was no way out of the dumps, I purchased my first guitar in 1963 and in lack of a backing band, I taught myself the rudiments of self accompaniment. After I got possession over the basic chords, I was ready to push myself forward, whatever may happen. I was fooled, ridiculed and often the subject of  mocking and laughter, when I first performed among workmates, but again, I did not care.
On October 17th 1964, my very first appearance on a real stage took place in a local concert hall. I was part of a variety show and gave all I had. With daring enthusiasm, I was banging out three golden Elvis hits....complete with the required show elements.

Needless to say, that my debut as a Rock n Roll singer ended up in perfect failure. Not only performing before the wrong audience, I was at last asked, if I did’nt know about the Beatles, who had recently conquered the world of pop-music. However, I did’nt pay them no mind either....