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Causing controversy had always been the salt of my concerts, because some loved it and some hated it, because we were too hard, even for Elvis Fans. The generation, that damaged the Berliner Sportpalast in 1958 became soft steppin' baldheads by now, but I remained a powerhouse of Rock and Roll at the age of 40.
After four years, the revival of the 50s turned out to be a passing fad, as it was later with the 40's and 60's. The audience of 1984 was not the same as 1954. Just a passing fad...Soon after I realized, what was to happen in the music business, I dropped Rockabilly-Music practically over night, when some rednecks saw me playing black blues music during one of my gigs, yelling: "Quit that nigger shit and play white music!" The seriousness of such statement forced me to make one of my final decisions....and changed over, to the black side of the road, never to play Rockabilly in my life.
But again, my playing inspired another trio of young, aspiring musicians, taking over a few years later and calling themselves "Salty Dogs". Nearly everywhere I went, some young musicians were among my following, but most of them went often different paths, that led them to pop and rock music.
1993, I finally could stop my odyssey from one record company to another, signing up with "Wolf Records", where I was granted total artistic liberty and from now on, I could work as my own producer and sound engineer. Just a few years ago, another of my dreams came true, when my landlord left me a room in the basement to use it as "Al Cook’s Blues Kitchen", where all my material is carefully recorded, completely with the sound, authentic blues records require.
But after all the years, the tastes regarding Blues-Music had changed towards a strange direction and it goes quite without saying, that upcoming generations might alienate step by step and finally loose their lead to the roots of this wonderful music. But as long as I execute my stuff on stage and records, there is at last somebody, that will never forget about the real thing.From time to time, I gather all our great musicians around me, to celebrate another anniversary. This time it’s my 45th year on stage and I hope to make my 50th in 2014.
                                                                  Al Cook © September 2009