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The close of the 70s were marked by another sudden change, that had not been helpful for music outside of commercials. It was the birth of disco-music and within a short time, the "progressive" programs were canceled from the mass media one by one. Hans Maitner’s "Living Blues" disappeared from the radio and my records were dropped from the playlists. But the seed of our work bore rich fruit and Erik Trauner with his Mojo Bluesband soon covered the European Continent. They played a rather danceable easy to listen Chicago Style, while I remained the tough hardcore bluesman I ever had been, since I first heard Blind Lemon Jefferson and Charley Patton.
Until the early 80s, I tried myself on various band-projects but wound up simply dissatisfied with the results. There had been a growing pool of sometimes excellent musicians, but I never happened to find perfect sidemen, for to bring on stage, what was on my mind. But will there ever be a light at the end of the road ?
Yes, it was. In the summer of 1983, a rockabilly revival was kicked loose by a retro-trio named Stray Cats and their Hit "Rock This Town" was skyrocketing up the charts. I remembered, that one of my early compositions, called "Hop Bop And Ball" had a similar melody. I realized, that my roots were in the music of the fifties and I would not suffer artistic pain, giving my Rock n Roll soul another chance. To go back to the blues would be just an easy step backwards and I'll be on the road again.
But where could I get the perfect backup ?

Accidentally, I came in touch with two musicians, who had boring jobs in a dance band, looking for some adventure. Hell, I was adventurous enogh and we managed to work out a powerful version of the classic rockabilly trio. On October 6th we had our debut as "Al Cook with Harry and Mike" at the legendary "Papas Tapas" Club in Vienna and from that day on, we shook our little universe with the wildest and most uncompromising rockabilly-sound on the continent. Finally, the audience lifted from their seats and sometimes we had screeching girls in front of the stage. My slogan at that time was: "Just burn the candle on both sides, as long as there is still some wax".My music had never been mere entertainment and after all, no food for nostalgia-events.