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I always disliked professional studio work, because all the producers and engineers work on some techno-economical basis and have no mind for the arts. That’s why I switched from studio work to my cheap tape recorder and simply did all by home recording. The result was cut onto vinyl and wrapped in a cheap cardboard cover. That was it ! Today, the cover-design is widely appreciated and the record is the most valuable among collectors.
Within a few months, I received top-rated reviews from many magazines and the German "Jazz Podium" declared me the world's top country-blues and slide guitar player among white artists. "Slide Guitar Foolin", as the record was called, contained not only first rate slide guitar solos, but sounded perfectly like vintage material by native black Mississippians. Jazz columnists and blues enthusiasts provided with a lineup of positive reviews, which were useful as public relation material and one of the magazines fervently crowned me "White King Of Black Blues", a privilege, serving years later as some sort of provocative slogan against so called "blues fascists".
From 1972 to 1978, I jammed and briefly teamed up with a string of still surviving black blues artists, among them pianist Roosevelt Sykes and Delta legend Johnny Shines, who hoboed with Robert Johnson, before he made his famous recordings. In the mid-seventies, a then very young and ambicious guitar player came up and asked me for a few lessons and I rejected him, because I did’nt take him any serious and on the side I was’nt too fond of raising my own competitors at last. But in fact, that youngster turned out to be the young Erik Trauner, who had become a legend by himself. Erik attended many of my early blues concerts, but I simply did’nt know, that he was as serious with his music as I was with mine. Erik’s formative inspiration was a blues program, called "Living Blues", hosted by Hans Maitner, a collector and bluesexpert par excellance. My "job" within this steady growing blues circus was, to show them live, what they heard on record.