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Fortunately, a journalist, who worked occassionally as a folk-music host at Ö3, discovered me appearing at viennas only folk-club, the "Golden Gate" and brought me straight before the microphone of a radio station. Unprepared, but with my do-or-die mentality, I did a six minute song about the loss of my first girlfriend. Executing the limits of my slide-guitar skills, I caused quite an overnight sensation, impressing hosts and listeners alike.
But it took the british bluesband Fleetwood Mac, featuring their slide guitarist Jeremy Spencer, to open the ears of a bigger audience, but folks, I already did that stunt for years without being noticed.
Right after that, the technique of slide guitar playing became a standard gimmick with folk and rock guitarists alike. To me, that was simple abuse and had nothing to do with its original meaning as an extension of the human voice.
But it finally took me off the ground and within a few months, I starred as the headliner at almost every cultural event, that was held at least in Austria. Broadcasting radio and television spots in so called "progressive" music-scene reports helped me, to become nationwide popularity. I was even promised an international career equal to Joe Zawinul, but in fact, there had been spoken such a lot of bullshit in those days and I did’nt even bother to listen. But something happened and that was allright with me.
In the fall of 1970, the first pure blues record by a non-american, that was’nt even black, had been presented by a local label, named "Amadeo". Since my upbringing was not the intellectual student-scene, the producers focused on my proletarian working-class heritage.