Pioneer and Legend Baumwolle Baumwolle
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So I took an odd job, playing lead guitar in a local no-name dance band to gather some helpful stage experience. I was given a feature to play some Elvis stuff, but daringly banged out a handful of self penned blues pieces. Naturally, the audience, consisting of unprepared folks off the street nearly booed my performance, but finally received me, astonished and uncertain what to do with me. I smiled the whole thing off and did the next gig....until one day in 1966, the band fired me, when I made them lose a slight chance to win a dance-band contest. As the band was giving in to play one of my chicago-styled numbers, I showed off with a touch of Elmore James, but that was the wrong vehicle to please five o’clock tea dancers. It was certainly the first demonstration of electric slide-guitar blues in Austria, but it was turned down by the audience, expecting a decent dance band, instead of a shuffle-driven overdrive-guitar. Sharp edged guitar sounds, quite common with todays popular music, were still unknown at that time, but the twang of Duane Eddy and The Shadows were soon to be replaced by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.
Towards the end of the sixties, I did’nt care of any payment and played my music, where ever they let me give them a few songs. After two or three numbers, hardly a handful of people remained listening and I became aware, that acoustical music had turned obsolete in those days of screaming wah wah guitars. Parties were dominated by spinning records of so called psychedelic rock bands, featuring orgiastic lead guitarists, that were in most cases, as stoned as their audience. It was the advent of  drug-culture and hippie-movement, indicating the dawn of the aquarius-age.